Softies Home care, was founded in January 2018 with the goal of benefiting people and the environment. Our mission is simple, but its impact over the years has been profound.. We are adhered to deliver value added product and services to the customers, being a competent extended arm of innovative in Qatar. We share an enduring commitment to advanced hygiene care solutions. We thus have a strong commitment towards to best quality standards, scientific communication and distribution known today.

We strongly believe, research becomes the basis for discovering new ways of revolutionary hygiene care with minimal use of resources from Mother Nature, thus preserving the nature for future generations. A larger role lies in educating and imparting practical training on value added products and services.

The experience & the relationship across the stake holders in all sectors, will assist the rampant growth in business . For us, it’s not just about the ingredients. It’s about how we bring them together to create truly outstanding cleaning products. A purely better cleaning product can’t be made without genuine care — which is why we make our products using pure, plant-based ingredients that are safe for your family and for the environment. We will always create the safer, more effective cleaning experiences people deserve. Because that’s what we do.

Our Products

A Product From Becon Group Of Company , Qatar

Detergent Powder

Hand Wash Liquid

Dish Wash Liquid

Bleach Liquid

Fabric Softener

All Purpose Containers

Floor Cleaner


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